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Just as the hummingbird is purposeful in flight,

Sage Strategies is purposeful in the development

of your life and business goals.


We identify with the hummingbird because they are revered in our culture as strong warriors, fierce fighters and protectors of their territory.
A flock of hummingbirds is called a glittering or a shimmer; we invite you to learn how to shine your brightest through collaboration and partnership.  


Sage is our other symbol because we are healing together. Sage is good medicine.


Do you Want to?...

  • Develop your team's skill level to generate high level professional work and learn to thrive in the workplace?

  • Is your agency ready to take on what it means to be an Indigenous Business Professional in today's world?

  • Are you looking to inspire your team to encompass passion and empowerment for their current roles and functions?

  • Do you want to... learn how to find your North Star, that creates a guiding force for your work and gives you a map for work-life balance

Customized training for your organization that brings your agency together in an Indigenous mindset of Interconnectedness and Enoughness. 

Let's get started... watch this video.
ENOUGHNESS: Restoring Balance to the Economy

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