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Indigenous led training that delivers work-life balance (HOZHÓ), professional development skills and tools.

Our programs and training are designed for Indigenous groups and non-native groups working in Indian Country. 

Our team has over 25 years experience working in Indigenous communities. We are experts at creating a space where we can create a common goal through our own ancestral mindsets: Interconnectedness, Enoughness, Kinship and a shared vision outcome that leads us into the future.



Community Led-Development is created from sharing our common goals that we want for our future generations. We determine our collective future together. 

Strategic Doing Model is a method that creates action through mind-mapping and implementation from our own driven passions. 

Shared vision from an Indigenous North Star leadership approach. We have to create our own future for the next 1000 years, for our children's, children's, children's and all future generations to come. 



We customize trainings to fit your outcomes. 

+ Team building                                     + Work-Life Balance

+ Customer Service                               + Professional Development

+ Business Professionalism                   + Coaching one-on-one

+ Technical Skills & Resources              + Leadership Development 



Our trainings are transformational, assisting you and your business in becoming more effective in retaining and implementing new skills. This approach is best used for Board Trainings and local government. 



Coaching refers to a method of training or instructing an individual or a group how to develop skills to enhance their productivity or overcome a performance problem and barriers. 



Leadership Training will support your team in leadership skills, like decision-making, communicating, problem-solving, and adaptability. Becoming a leader means evaluating your current abilities and learning how to improve them.


This is not a throw it over the fence approach. We are committed to developing your organization from a wholistic approach with outcomes that are created by your team. To receive the best outcomes we recommend working with us for no less than one year.

Here is how it works. 


Find your North Star:
A community led development approach to becoming the leader you desire to be.


What does it mean to be an Indigenous Business Professional?


Technical Skills: Hard and Soft Skills required for high level business outcomes.


Bringing it all together, creating a path forward.

Fee Structure

Depending on what you choose we will provide you with an estimate that mets your budget and timeline. We are committed to serving all types of organizations Native and Non-Native organizations that want to make a difference in Workforce Development.

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